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Earn 50% from each paid click

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Increase site traffic

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Improve Search Ranking

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Innovative technology

on your website to connect your visitors with doctors

Benefits for your visitors

Find doctors in a specific location or anywhere in the United States

Check Physician Qualifications

Book an appointment with a doctor online

Find doctors by specialty, location, insurance, language, service and other criteria

What is AskMED?
AskMED is a search service that can easily integrate with your website. It includes:
  1. Information about more than 1.2 Million doctors;
  2. More than 100 websites running AskMED technology;
  3. More than 50 doctors join our network weekly;
  4. More than 60 health articles posted daily;
  5. Free set up, updates and support.
About us
AskMED helps visitors find a doctor easily. We connect patients with physicians and physicians with advertising networks.

can quickly find doctors by specialty using AskMED’s technology, filtering results according to insurance type, name, language, and location. Booking an appointment could not be simpler!

who join get a personal profile page on the AskMED network. Doctors can choose the sites to purchase premium subscriptions on to maximize exposure for their practice.
Website Owners

Earn additional Income by becoming an AskMED partner. We will help integrate AskMED’s doctor search on your website (it takes 10 minutes). Receive commissions from each paid subscription every time a doctor upgrades to a premium plan on your site.
How the AskMED Service Works
You place a search page on your website:

You create a separate section on your website where your visitors can find doctors and dentists throughout the United States.
Doctors profiles are displayed on your website

They connect with website visitors and receive appointment bookings, gaining new patients and growing their practices. Your sales managers can upsell your current healthcare advertisers to advertise on AskMED’s platform. The AskMED sales team will also offer paid plans on your website to doctors. We offer flexible budget. You will receive monthly commissions from every sale made on your site. With the tracking tools, you can see the actual conversions as a direct result of doctors ads on your website.
Visitors find doctors and book appointments with them

Making an appointment is free of charge for everyone who uses the service. Doctors will gain more patients from your website
Payments are transferred to your account

You’ll receive an e-mail when a doctor subscribes for a premium profile. Commission payments are made to you after 45 days from premium profile payment processing.
Who can benefit most?
News sites

Add to your target audience and profit from the “healthiest” advertising in the world.
Medical resources

Create an easy and effective way for your users to find doctors and quality healthcare and they’ll visit your site again and again.
Topical websites

Help your visitors find a doctor conveniently and increase your website traffic.
What our partners are saying
«We liked the idea of a find a doctor directory, especially with such favorable terms, and the fact that it’s free. This service brings many benefits to our readers. Integrating the AskMED medical directory on our site was quick and easy. It only took a few minutes to easily install the subdomain.»
«We are pleased that AskMED represents the interests of our international community. Thanks to our partnership community of Pennsylvania will have easier access to qualified doctors. The new service has attracted more readers to our website and we’re confident that our partnership will be profitable.»
«We had technical problems with installation of the AskMED service on our website. Your technical experts contacted us immediately and helped set up the subdomain. We couldn’t be more pleased with the handcrafted White Label that was designed specifically for our website. It looks very beautiful. Great work! and it’s great to work with a team of professionals.»
Getting started is easy
There’s no need to change the website completely or hire software developers. AskMED can be integrated, free of charge, in just three steps:
Set up a subdomain, for example,
Create the “Find a doctor” section on the home page of the site
Add advertising sections to increase profits
We’ll give you step by step instructions on how to create a page in your CMS or we can write a technical document for the company that created the website for you.
Can I post banner advertising in the find a doctor section?

Yes. We can place your banners in the top or bottom parts of the webpage where AskMED is integrated. Every banner must be approved by our staff and meet our legal guidelines.
How are commissions paid?

Commission payments are made to our partners, by check or by automatic transfer, 45 days after we process the premium profile payment.
How will I know if doctor ads are coming from my website?

We will provide you a monthly report with detailed tracking information.  
How does my website traffic affect the amount of click on doctors’ profiles?

The revenue from paid clicks for each website is individual, and it depends on many factors: location, state, number of visitors per month, popularity of the website, etc. The more unique visitors you have, the more chances for users to click on doctors’ profiles. The doctors’ goal is to get new patients for their practices. If you have enough visitors searching for a doctor and scheduling appointments, more doctors will sign up. Usually doctors expect 1 patient for every $100 they spend on advertising.
Can my sales team sell doctor profiles?

Yes. Your sales team can sell doctor profiles. Doctors may also visit your site and sign up for premium profiles on their own.
Do I have to give you rights to access our website hosting?

No. You will need to perform subdomain setup on your hosting (on your website). Our technical team will be happy to walk you through if you need any help.
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